Wednesday, July 29, 2009

{3 Months!}

My baby boy is three months old. How on earth did that happen? When you are pregnant, time goes by so slowly. Every day feels like a week. But once the baby is born, the complete opposite happens. You wake up one morning and your baby is six years old. Oh, wait. I'm not talking about Sasha (who is about to turn six! Gah!). But time seriously flies.

When Clara was a baby I took a picture of her every month on the yellow rocker in the nursery. I put a black teddy bear next to her, so at the end of the year I could see how much she grew from month to month. I seriously LOVE those pictures, so I'm doing it again with Dixon. This time I'm using an elephant that his great-grandmother gave him.
The chunker-monker was hammin' it up for the camera! He's getting to be such a big boy!
Man, I love my babies. I wish I could have a dozen of them. Well, I wish I could have four. But that's another story.
Yesterday Cory came home and asked me to take some headshots of him because he's going to be featured in another dairy publication. We went outside and got some great shots, and the whole time Dixon was sitting in his lap. When we were both satisfied that we had a good headshot, I had Cory hold Dixon closer to his face for some photos. I adore how this one turned out! Dixon is a bit blurry because he was fussy, but I don't care. It still is a cute picture.

Daddy loves his little boy.
Today I took Dixon to a studio for professional three month photos. He was great! He smiled and was his regular adorable self. I wanted some pictures of the two of us, so we gave that a shot. Mind you, Dixon had his diaper off for the majority of the photo shoot because I love the naked baby pictures, so what happened shouldn't be that big of a surprise.
I held him up above my head and . . .
yep. He peed. All over me. I felt it on my neck first, and then it went down my shirt, onto my skirt, and on my leg. He continued to pee on the backdrop on the floor. The photographer and I just laughed and laughed! It was one of those situations that was simply priceless. The best part is that the photographer got a picture of the exact moment Dixon peed on me. I have a look of total shock on my face and you can see the stream of pee shooting out and nailing me. She asked if I wanted that picture printed and I said, "Heck, yeah!" It will probably end up being my favorite shot of the whole bunch simply because it's so real. Know what I mean? I can't wait to get the proofs tomorrow! I'll be sure to post it here for the world to see, so stay tuned!


  1. That's AWESOME! I can't wait to see the pics!!!

  2. I love the way Dixon smiles! The picture of him with his daddy is precious! They both have great eyes and bald heads!

  3. So sweet & smiley, and I'm still laughing from that story!