Tuesday, November 10, 2009

{So Sad.}

Oh, how I wish I were blogging about one of the many cute things the kids have done lately, or about Sasha's school adventures, or about my awesome business, or about the fantastic photos of Dixon a friend recently took for me. But, no. It is not meant to be.

Sadly, my external hard drive, the place where I store ALL of my photos, my digital scrapping "stuff", and my scrapbook layouts, has died. And the wonderful program I purchased a month ago in the event that this should happen that backs up all of my files? Yeah. It wasn't backing up the external hard drive.

So tonight I have a very selfish, trivial request. Please pray that the computer guy I sent my ehd to today will be able to retrieve my files. Because I think I'll cry myself to sleep until he does.


  1. Saying a prayer periodically throughout the day. Ugh, Annisa, this sucks! HUGS!

  2. OH Annisa I'm sooo sooo sorry, I know how you feel!!! I hope he can get those back...sorry about it!!! Will do!