Wednesday, December 9, 2009

{Lots Going On}

I've been a bad blogger lately. This is mainly due to the fact that I'm still having problems with accessing my photos, and a story is much more interesting when there are pictures! Right now the main issue is that my camera won't load new photos onto my computer. I'm not sure why. Bad cord?

Anyway, I just wanted to update the blog and share some of the many activities that we've been enjoying lately. During the past two weeks we have:

* enjoyed a fabulous Thanksgiving with family
* found some amazing deals on Black Friday and throughout the past month
* donated close to $900 to the Greencastle-Antrim Tumani Ambassadors via a
wonderful Tastefully Simple fundraiser
* experimented with new recipes as I cook my way through an Italian cookbook
* cut down our Christmas tree and decorated the house
* gone to parties
* had a DATE! :)
* made gingerbread houses - such a fun activity!
* visited Hershey Sweet Lights, and the next day Candylane

We've been busy, busy people! I have LOTS of great pictures to illustrate these adventures, but until my camera and computer decide they like one another again, you'll have to just use your imagination. :)

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful holiday season!


  1. I love your blog header! It's super cute cute is little Santa Dixon!