Thursday, March 18, 2010


My family is hardly Irish, but for the past couple of years the girls have gotten a kick out of celebrating St. Patty's Day. This year, their teachers really prepped them for the day - they read stories, made shamrock and leprechaun crafts, and talked about what the day is all about. So when Wednesday finally rolled around they were eager to get to school and catch a leprechaun! I decked them out in green and off we went.

Clara's preschool teachers went all out to celebrate the day, as you can see. How much fun they are! When I picked her up from school there were little green footprints in the lobby. They had tracked a leprechaun, but sadly didn't catch him. But they did find some green shamrock coins!

It just so happened to be my day to volunteer in Sasha's classroom, so I got to see all the kids in their green glory. Thankfully, Sasha's teacher is a scrapbooker so she humors my requests to take photos of the kids. Can you tell there are a couple stinkers in her class? They are so much fun!

Mrs. Eckenrode kindly posed for a picture with Sasha, too.

When Sasha got home from school we had exactly thirty minutes before we had to be out of the door and on our way to dance class. Normally those minutes are spent getting a snack, changing into leotards, and trying to get settled from a long day at school. It's always somewhat frantic. But I decided we could throw a photo shoot into the mix since all the kids were sporting their green. It was a gorgeous, sunny day - awesome! - but that meant my girls and their sensitive eyes had trouble with their pictures. These are the best shots I got.

Does Dixon look a wee bit puzzled?

Sasha really tried to give me a good photo. Bless her heart. Girlfriend's eyes need some more practice handling the sunshine. BUT . . . check out the top teeth finally making their appearance! She lost them late last summer, so it's been about seven or eight months since she's had front teeth. Now she'll be able to eat corn on the cob! That's very important for the Meyers family.

Yes, I did this to my child. I think the hat was meant for large dogs. Think he'll forgive me in fifteen years?

Happy Belated St. Patty's Day!

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  1. That picture of Dixon is HYSTERICAL!! Great green photos :)