Wednesday, April 27, 2011

{My Boy}

Today my little boy turned two years old. Seriously, I feel like he was just a teeny little chicken-legged newborn who stayed curled up in a ball when I took him out of his car seat. And now he is two. Two!
Dixon has grown in so many ways, especially during the past few months. He hasn't had much of a vocabulary. For example, I was "Nana" up until about a month ago. Every girl was "Sasha". He said typical boy words like "ball" and "choo choo" as well as a number of other words like "shoe" and "eat". But lately his vocabulary has exploded! He repeats words he hears and is even putting together simple sentences like "I yuv you, Mama." Yeah, that's my favorite one. And he tells us he loves us ALL the time. But it'll never be too much.

Dixon has also begun to really get into sports. He would love to be outside playing with balls, riding on bikes and tractors, and running around the yard during every waking moment. He also looooooves Thomas the Train. I got him Thomas Crocs recently and they have to be on his feet from the moment he wakes up till the moment he goes to bed. And if Dixon had it his way, he'd sleep with them on, too. At his birthday party last weekend he got lots and lots of Thomas trains, clothes, books, movies, and other items. He loves them SO much! He is a boy through and through.

I'm so grateful that God gave us this adorable, smart, ornery little guy to love, teach and nurture. He is a gift . . . a dream come true.

Happy Birthday, Robert Dixon! We couldn't love you more!

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  1. He is so precious! Love to squeeze him, but being the boy that he is, it s a quick squeeze and off he goes to get into "boy stuff." Love you Dixon!