Thursday, May 7, 2009

{My Cover Guy}

I can't resist posting about my cover guy. It's not everyday that you know someone who's on the cover of a magazine! OK, so it's not Men's Fitness Journal or GQ or People's Most Beautiful People, but it IS the cover of a real magazine that people - some people, somewhere - read. I'm just so dern proud!

Check out the cutie in the middle. Yep, that's my guy! All the vets but one from Cory's practice met for a photo shoot about a month ago. The photographer took lots of pictures and this is the one that made the cover. I love how they photoshopped the Nittany Lion symbol off of Cory's hat! I also love the article subjects advertised on the cover: BVDV and Testicular Injections, Dairy Calf Gut Health and Pregnancy Toxemia. I'm thinking you have to be a vet or a dairy farmer to be lured in by those teasers!

The guys were also interviewed and they answered questions via email about surviving and helping clients survive the economic turn. It appears as though Cory got the last word, but he has no memory of saying what is quoted in the article! He even went through his email comments and can find no record of making the comments. Oh well! It sounds good, right? That is, if you have super vision and can read the tiny print.
This is just part one, folks! The magazine is going to focus on Mid-Maryland's practices and how others can apply them to find economic success and security in two more issues. Rock on, guys!
Now go out and pick up the May/June issue at your local newsstand today! :)

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