Thursday, May 21, 2009

{My Graduate . . . And Her Pretty Sister, Too}

It's almost beyond comprehension, but Sasha graduated from preschool today. My baby girl is going to be in Kindergarten this fall! Seriously, how did this happen? I'm so glad Cory and I didn't try to test her into Kindergarten early since she just missed the cutoff this past year. Having her home with me for an extra year has been so nice, but now I don't know if I'm ready to let her go this fall. She's ready, though!

We are extremely fortunate to have a fantastic preschool at our church, Falling Spring. The program is top-notch and we couldn't ask for better teachers. Both Sasha and Clara LOVE going to school and I feel very comfortable leaving them there with these capable women. Mrs. Kegerreis is the primary teacher (on the left). I think she has been teaching for about 19 years, and she is incredible. She just has a way with little kids and it's clear that she sincerely cares about them. Mrs. Lambert (on the right) is the teacher's assistant for the four year old class. She is a natural with kids, too, and has a ton of fun with them. Mrs. Rogers is the assistant in Clara's three year old class, and she loves the kids and is fantastic with them as well.

This picture was taken on Monday, Sasha's last day of regular preschool. The teachers humor me and my obsessive picture taking - they understand the disease of scrapbooking! :) Yesterday Sasha's class had their last day of school at a park. It was a big family playday / picnic. The kids played games for hours and then we ate some yummy food potluck style. This photo was taken right before a scavenger hunt. All the kids are lined up waiting for their instructions.
They all did a great job with the hunt. One of the items on the list was a live ant, and Sasha managed to get one without crushing it to death. What bravery and skill!
Another game was a race of sorts. They had to run around a line of orange cones and then crab walk back. It was funny watching some of the kids doing their crab walks!
They also had the requisite parachute. Kids love these parachutes! But the real reason why I'm posting this picture is because of who is in it. Lately, Sasha has been telling Cory and I that she's "in love" with a boy named Brodee. She insists that she is indeed "in love" and gets upset when we tell her otherwise. Well, this is Brodee. And apparantly he's "in love" with Sasha, too. Everytime Sasha was called under the parachute, Brodee held onto her handle and called her back to him. They talked and giggled and looked as smitten with one another as two five year olds can be. It was pretty darn cute. At least I thought it was cute. Cory wasn't too thrilled. Sigh.
The girls - and many of the other kids - spent a good bit of time on the merry-go-round. I don't know how they do it. I get dizzy just watching them, but they can stay on that ride for eons and not seem to get sick.
At the end of the day there was a graduation "ceremony" for all the students. Mrs. Lambert presented each of the kids with a diploma and a book of many of the activities that they had done throughout the year. One of the things they had donw was fill out some info about themselves, including what they want to be when they grow up. Mrs. Lambert read each of the students' ambitions aloud and I got a kick out of what some of the kids want to be. Not surprisingly, Sasha wants to be a princess. Little does she know, she already is one.

I'm so proud of Sasha! She's becoming such a big girl and she has learned so much over the past two years. I hope she continues to love school as much as she has at Falling Spring.
Today was Clara's turn to have a last day of school playday at the park. That's what happens when you have kids a year apart in school: you end up doing something every single day. So we headed back to the park this morning so Clara could have her final fun day with her school friends.
Unlike yesterday, today was basically an unstructured playday. They didn't do a bunch of games, they just let the kids have fun on the playground. Clara loved it. She flew to the sky on the swings . . .
and she and Sasha played on the slides, merry-go-round, and bouncy horses all morning. The one thing that really stood out to me is how the girls stuck together. Clara didn't play much at all with her school friends. She and Sasha did everything together and were rarely apart. Maybe I should be concerned about her lack of mingling skills, but I'm not. I find it totally sweet that the girls love to play together and stick by one another even when there are twenty other kids there to play with. They really are best friends.
Because Clara has a summer birthday, the class sang Happy Birthday to her and celebrated her special day today. Typically there is one day each month that all the birthdays in that month are celebrated at school, but since we obviously don't have school over the summer this is how the summer babies are recognized. Clara and two others got to wear their birthday hats and they each brough goodies to share - cupcakes, cookies, and snack mix.
Can you tell that Clara was excited about this?
Here she is enjoying her cupcake. The girl is in sugar heaven.
The morning ended with a candy scramble. Just when I thought our giant bowl of Easter candy was almost empty, we completely refilled it with the candy from yesterday's and today's candy scrambles.
So here's to the end of another school year! Congrats to all the graduates and all the kids who have enjoyed a great year of school. You deserve a fun, relaxing summer!
And I deserve to sleep in tomorrow morning. Think it'll happen?

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