Tuesday, June 9, 2009

{Batter Up!}

This past Sunday we headed to Cory's sister Megan's house for a cookout after church. It was such a gorgeous day! We spent the entire afternoon outside enjoying the warm air and sunny skies. Sasha, Clara and their cousin Jude even had the pleasure of eating their lunch under a shady tree while Jude's sheep bleated behind them in their pasture. It was so picturesque; there's just something so wonderful about a country setting! Getting Jude to smile for the camera is sometimes a challenge, though. He just wants to get on with lunch. Go away, Aunt Annisa, he seems to be saying.
After the kids ate - CORRECTION: After MeMe ate bits of the kids' food and threw the rest to the dog so their parents would think that they ate, they flew into play mode. The Gator was a big hit. Jude drove Sasha around the big backyard while Clara tried to decide if she wanted on or not. She refused to ride until later in the day when she decided she would drive herself.

But the girl did make some serious bubbles. All the kids did. Who doesn't love bubbles?

But the highlight of the day was definitely Better Batter Baseball. It started with the kids taking turns hitting the ball, but soon Cory got in the game, too. I could tell he was just itching to hit! I think we need to get a bigger helmet, though.

To be fair, here's an equally embarrassing photo of me taking a swing.

What a cutie! She could hit, too!

And since I figured out how to use my camera's video function, here's two videos from the day. Enjoy!

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