Monday, June 22, 2009

{Just Beachy}

Our annual trip to Virginia Beach has now come and gone. As usual, we had a wonderful week with our family! The weather didn't cooperate, but we did have two days of sunshine and warm air to enjoy, and the other days were spent doing fun indoor activities. Here's some of the highlights of the week:

Cory spent a lot of time in the water - the pool, hot tub, and ocean - with the girls. I think he loves the water as much as they do! And he rarely gets to swim since he works so much. Last year he didn't even come to the beach with us because he had to work, so it's been two years since he has been in a pool. Wow! One of my family's favorite games is called "May I". It's a card game that can get both brutal and hilarious all at the same time. It's especially fun to play after the guys get back from golfing and a trip to Hooters late at night. You never know what they will say or do!
I had to throw this picture of Dixon into the mix because he is smiling! He's doing that more and more lately.
My nephew Ryan is seriously in love with Dixon. He talked and talked to him, held him, and even got Dixon to track him for several minutes. So darn cute.
The kids love to play in the hot tub!
While the guys played golf one day, the rest of us went to the movies. We saw "Up" and it was fabulous! It wasn't at all what I expected. The storyline is geared more towards adults, but the kids liked it, too.
When all the kids were younger (not that they are old, ha!) they used to take baths together all the time. But Aidan is now seven and rarely takes baths anymore. He is a shower guy. So when all the kids hopped into the tub together I had to snap some pics. I have a feeling this is the last time it will happen! Kari was ready to get out at this point, so this is the best shot I got.
Cory took the girls to the aquarium for a Daddy & Daughter Day, leaving me at the beach house with Dixon all alone for a few hours. I scrapped a page, and they saw all kinds of cool animals like this big sea turtle. Look how close to the glass he swam!
Later that evening we met my mother and Jim and Becky and Barry at a Mongolian Barbeque. The food was awesome, and my mother and Becky enjoyed a volcano drink. That thing was huge!
A quick shot of me and my girls outside the restaraunt.

On Thursday we drove up to the boardwalk for Arts Fest. This event is always running the week we vacation, but usually it is the weekend we arrive, not the weekend we leave. And it's also always scorching hot, but this year there was a breeze and overcast skies. I must say that the cooler weather was a plus for us! And yet I still managed to get a sunburn.
Please ignore my messy hair. This is the price I pay for enjoying a windy day at the beach!
Back at the pool, Clara cheesed it up for us. Dang, she's cute!

Our last day there was, of course, absolutely gorgeous. We hit the beach nice and early and stayed until noon. We would have stayed all day if we could have! The kids all LOVE the ocean and they play for hours and hours. It's one of those rare opportunities for us parents to sit back and read a book, but I spent more time snapping pictures.

There was an enormous storm the night before, complete with tornados and flash floods. Somehow the storm must have washed this little froggie onto the beach. He seemed so out of place in the sand! I hope he made it back to his home!

Our final goodbye photo shortly before we packed up and headed home. We'll miss you, beach house!
It was a fantastic week, and I thank my mother and Jim SO much for once again putting it all together for us. Until next year . . .


  1. Love all the pictures--glad you had a good time DESPITE all the rain :(!!

  2. I love how in the May I pic, we all have drinks, but Adam has TWO!