Monday, February 8, 2010

{Fat Lip}

I realize that many of you moms out there think you are Mom of the Year, but I'm here to tell you that you are mistaken. Trust me, I have worn that crown since the fall of 2003, and based on my actions yesterday, the title is still mine.

The girls wanted to play in the snow in the worst way, so Cory and I bundled them up and headed outside into the "Snowmaggedon" of 2010. While the snow is a light snow, the kind that doesn't easily form into snowmen, we have sections of snow that are riddled with perfect snowballs. The plow must have compacted it and created these little gems.

So I decided to pick up a few of the snowballs and toss them at the girls. Of course I missed most of the time, but I did manage to hit them a couple times. Then it happened. Sasha was trying to find a snowball to throw at me when I tossed one at her. There must have been a piece of ice in it, because my light toss literally took the girl down.

I wasn't aiming for any particular part of her body. Heck, I'm happy if I even hit my target at all! But sadly, this snowball hit my girl right in the face. The result? A bloody, fat lip. She immediately had to lie down because she felt sick. You know, the "I'm going to pass out and break into a cold sweat from the pain" kind of sick. She literally layed in the snow for at least ten minutes. She tried to get up once but had to lie back down again. I felt sick.

After some time she managed to perk up and enjoy some sledding with Cory. When she came inside, we inspected the damage. Please forgive the bedraggled, fresh from playing in the snow look of this poor, poor child.

Yep, she's got a fat lip all right. But aren't those freckles adorable?

As the day wore on, her lip got bigger and puffier. And redder. She even said she didn't want to go to school on Monday because she didn't look pretty.
Moral of the story: Do not throw snowballs at your children. And if you do, make sure you check them for ice and have better aim than I have. Your children's faces will thank you.


  1. annisa, i did this to my little sister once when she was probably 4 and i was 8 ... sadly, i DID have malicious intent as far as snow-throwing was concerned, but i never considered that there might be ice in there too. she had cuts on her face!! i actually think about it often when it snows ... the poor little girl! (she's 27 now ... she made it through OK.)

  2. YUP! You got Mom of the Year! J/K, but I did love the play-by-play! Poor thing! Hope she is feeling better!