Thursday, February 11, 2010

{Star of the Week}

Last week Sasha was Star of the Week in her kindergarten classroom. Every student gets a turn at enjoying this honor, and Sasha could hardly wait until it was her turn. The Star of the Week gets to do something special each day:

Monday: All the kids learn how to spell the Star's name. They do a name cheer and draw a picture of the Star. All the drawings are made into an adorable book that the Star gets to keep. (These drawings are SO cute!)

Tuesday: A big trifold poster display is filled with things all about the Star: favorites, birthday, photos, etc. The Star talks about the photos and all his or her favorites. Some of the photos I've seen when I volunteer are priceless!

Wednesday: Mystery Show & Tell! The Star brings something inside a bag that is stapled shut. Three clues as to what is inside are written on a note attached to the bag and the class tries to guess what it is. Sasha took her Webkins Siamese cat.

Thursday: A visitor comes to the class and has 30 minutes to do an activity with the kids. One of the kids had his dad bring a racecar to school so they could learn about racing, one mother brought a cake to class and taught them how to decorate (and eat!) it, and one mother taught the class how to make origami cranes. There have been other cool activities, too. Cory and I decided to keep the visitor a secret from Sasha. She had no idea who was coming! Cory was the visitor, although of course I was there to take pictures.

I bought chopsticks for all the kids and Cory brought one of his drums to teach the kids rhythm and basic drumming skills. Sasha was SO excited to see him there!
All the kids seemed to be really into the drumming, too. They paid attention and counted out the beats along with Cory.

Then each of the kids had a chance to play with the real sticks on the real drum. It was kind of neat to see how each of the kids responded to the instrument and which ones have natural rhythm.

Cory had fun and of course, so did Sasha. I know this is a day she will always remember.

Friday: The Star can bring a snack to share with the class. I planned to make cake balls, but I bought the wrong kind of icing and couldn't make the recipe. :( Because I don't typically have sweets and snacks in bulk, I had to make a mad dash to Giant Friday morning and buy cupcakes. I brought them to school shortly before lunch and got to see some of the class's 100th Day of School celebration.
Sasha also got to take Mo the Monkey home for the weekend as her last Star of the Week priviledge. She dressed that monkey up in all of her Bitty Baby clothes and played with it all weekend long. On Sunday we wrote about her time with Mo and Mrs. Eckenrode read her "story" to the class on Monday when Mo was returned to school.

I'm so proud of my Star! She's not just a star of one week in our eyes, she's a star every single day. Love you, baby!


  1. Totally cute! She is lucky to have parents like you guys!

  2. WOW! They do awesome activities with Star of the Week! Neato! Sasha is definitely a star in my eyes! Love you Sasha!