Wednesday, February 24, 2010

{Playing Catch Up}

I've really fallen behind on my blogging. I made a commitment to blog more frequently this year, and this month I've totally slacked. So to try to make up for my inactivity, I've decided to post some highlights of the past week or so.

1. In less than two weeks Tastefully Simple will unveil its Spring / Summer catalog. I'm SO excited about this new product line! I can hardly wait to share new bucket drinks, sauces, seasonings, and other goodies with my clients. A new season is always an exciting time!

2. Sasha lost her sixth tooth last night AND her top front teeth are finally growing in! She has been without her two front teeth since last summer and has grown very tired of the "toothless" look. Now she looks more like a jack-o-lantern, but at least she's headed in the right direction!

3. I've finally come to total peace with the decision NOT to send Clara to kindergarten next year. If you had asked me a year ago whether or not she would go to kindergarten in 2010 I wouldn't have thought twice about saying yes. But I've thought a LOT about it and I know in my heart that the best thing for Clara is to wait another year. And I feel good about this decision.

4. It's tax time. This is a crappy time of year for us as Cory does nothing but stress about paying Uncle Sam. I can't wait until this ordeal is over!

5. Cory and I enjoyed a wonderful meal at a fantastic German restaurant on Feb. 13th. We went with friends and really enjoyed ourselves. This was the first time we left all three kids with babysitters other than family!

6. Sadly, Dixon is sick again. He has a bad cold and an ear infection. He is just miserable and it's so hard to see him this way. On top of his sickness, he is also not growing. He has not gained any substantial weight since he was four months old, and he'll be ten months old on the 27th. I need to pack some weight on this boy!

7. This weekend Cory and I are packing up the family and heading south for my nephew's 8th birthday party. I can't wait for a fun couple of days with a bunch of family members!

8. I'm SO HAPPY to have achieved a goal of mine recently! I applied to be a creative team member at one of my favorite digital scrapping sites, Scrap Matters. There is SO much competition there because the site is perhaps the most popular digi site in cyberland. I was prepared for disappointment, but lo and behold I made it! If you don't digi scrap you probably don't understand what this means, so trust me when I tell you that it is super exciting. I can't wait to get started!

Those are the main "happenings" in our lives for now. We're still plugging away at dance classes (Sasha got her costumes for her recital tonight and they are SO adorable!), Daisy troop activities, numerous school events, and other things. I'm staying up too late watching the Olympics. We've been trying to enjoy all the snow even though at the same time we are hopeful that spring is right around the corner. Each day brings something new and exciting!


  1. Again, CONGRATS!! That's awesome news and it sounds like you've been keeping nice and busy :)

  2. Thats alot of info!!! After watching Riley this year--I think its totally OK to wait until they are a little older to go! So much is expected and required--a little more time can't hurt! I already decided that Luke will repeat the 3 year old class next year and will go to K a year late! You are a wonderful momma and I am sure you are making the right decision!

  3. Congrats Annisa! A lot has been going on for you. It's nice when you get great news.