Sunday, March 27, 2011

{The Bromance}

What a cute assignment: Photograph your loved one with his "best bud", his "wingman". Truth be told, Cory's favorite guy to hang out with is Dixon. In fact, just this morning he commented that he was "so happy to have a boy." A boy who thinks trains, tractors, balls and trucks are the bees knees. A boy who asks to go out to the garage to play. A boy who loves to roooooaaaarrrr like a monster at his family all the time. After years of fairies, dress-up, and pink princesses, Cory is so happy to have some additional testosterone in the house. Just as I look forward to taking the girls to get manicures, teaching them how to apply makeup, and doing all things girly-girl, Cory looks forward to teaching Dixon how to shave, drive a stick-shift, and shoot hoops. I'm so happy Cory has his male counterpart - his best bud - and an adorable bromance.

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