Tuesday, March 1, 2011


OK, so February is over and so is the Joy Of Love photography class. But I clearly have more assignments to complete so I plan to continue posting my photos until I'm done with them all. I have seven more after this one and am looking forward to completing each one!

Anyway, this topic - Where - was a pretty neat one. Where did we know that he was "the one"? Where did we fall in love? Where did we get married? Any photo that shows where some momentous event in a relationship happened works for this assignment.

The photo I chose was taken back in 1998 shortly after Cory and I became engaged. We had our engagement photos taken at the James Buchanan Birthplace in Mercersburg, PA because this is where Cory finally ("finally" because it took him four tries to get it done!) proposed to me. We stood on a little wooden bridge over a stream in the woods, exactly where Cory dropped to one knee and asked me to be his bride. This moment solidified our future together and I knew from then on that I would be with this man for the rest of my life. A year later we were married! From time to time Cory and I go back to the JB Birthplace with our kids and it's amazing to reflect on how our family has grown and changed over the years. The last time we were there - last summer - the girls and I discovered countless wild raspberry bushes and collected a big bowl full of them to enjoy at home. It's a beautiful place full of beautiful memories.

I had to photograph this picture to post since my scanner isn't even in the same room as my computer so the quality isn't that great. However, check us out! Cory was still fighting to hold on to his hair while I was still using a curling iron to roll mine under. GAH! We look so very young and innocent - we hadn't a clue what married life would be like or what was in our future. All we knew was that we were happy and wanted to be together forever. What a treasure this photo is and what a treasure our ever-growing relationship has become!

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  1. OK--NOW I see Sasha in Cory--WHOA--she really looks like him! :) This picture is cute!