Friday, March 18, 2011

{Going Out}

Here is the assignment from Willette: "Get a sitter and go out on the town!!! Take the point and shoot and take some fun portraits of you together. Tickle each other. Laugh. Have fun!"

Well, I'll keep this quite real. Cory and I rarely go out on dates. We usually have three to four dates a year: our anniversary, Valentine's Day, and maybe two random occassions. So I had to giggle a bit when I read this task knowing that "going out" just isn't a common experience for us. In fact, we have hired a sitter exactly three times since Sasha was born 7 1/2 years ago. But that's also because we have family who keep the kids for us whenever we do want to have a date (which again, isn't often).
And yet, lo and behold, Cory and I actually had TWO dates in February this year! We went to the Stube (a fantastic German restaurant) with his sister Megan and her hubby Jason for Valentine's Day. We had a great time and an amazingly delicious meal. But unfortunately, the best photo of the night was of Cory's pork shank. The photo of us just wasn't flattering at all. Attempt number one to snap a "going out" photo = fail.
The following weekend we went to a unique, tavern-style restaurant called Flannery's with some friends. We LOVE Flannery's and we had great company to enjoy the food with that night. At the end of our meal I pulled my camera out of my bag to take some photos and my heart sank. I left my SD card at home in my computer so I couldn't take any photos. We took some pictures with our cell phones, but mine turned out blurry and Cory's somehow didn't get saved properly. So attempt number two to complete this assignment resulted in another failure.
That's when I began to think "outside the box." I determined that I didn't need a photo of Cory and I on a date in order to capture a "going out" moment. A perfect opportunity to check this task off my list presented itself on Monday. My mother, Dixon and I went shopping together in Gettysburg. We used to go shopping all the time together, but we realised that it's been years since we've had a day for just us. There are always reasons why we can't do it, and we both missed the fun of a good shopping day. So off we went! And don't you know it? I never took a blasted photo. Sigh.
This assignment has become my nemesis.
Tonight, exactly one month after the topic was posted for Joy Of Love, I got my shot. The kids and I went to Nana and Pap's house to celebrate Pap's 60th birthday. Becky, Barry and Emme were there as well and we enjoyed a tasty dinner and star-shaped cupcakes. It was a nice end to a beautiful day! And the best part for me? I got a photo! Certainly the kids with their grandparents at a birthday dinner counts as "going out" right? I think so!
What relief. What success.
Now I'm staying home for the next month.

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