Sunday, April 19, 2009

{Digi Scrappin'}

Since I finally finished our Disney World vacation I've been working on catching up on all those "other", everyday, photos that I have stored on the computer. I decided to start with 2008 simply because it's freshest in my memory. Then I'll go back to 2007 and try to get that year completed. I think I even have some 2006 pics to scrap! But I will say that it's much easier to get pics scrapped digitally than it is when done the paper method. The main reason why is I can get so many more photos on a page by resizing them, which saves me from doing lots of double page layouts and multiple layouts of one event.

Here are just a few of the pages I've done recently.

The first one is for Sasha's preschool album. This was a really fun field trip to an apple orchard that we went on this fall. It's pretty obvious, but this layout is from the 4th of July last year. I LOVED their outfits so much I had to do a photo shoot!
A monumental moment in any family's life: potty training!
We're animal freaks, as you know, and this guy was a cat that lived somewhere nearby last summer and visited us every time we went outside to play. The girls called him Dude. We haven't seen him since the fall, and I'm guessing his family moved away.
These photos crack. me. up. every time I look at them!
That's a sampling of what I've been doing! I'm sure I'll continue to post more pages from time to time. It's so much fun to document our lives this way, and I know the girls will appreciate it when they are older. I think I'll try to scrap another page tonight!


  1. VERY CUTE! Makes me want to do some pages, but I'm busy working on something else ;-)

  2. Love these layouts and balloon bellies ALWAYS crack me up!