Saturday, April 25, 2009

{Our Girls Are Nuts}

Oh, the things kids say and do.

Sasha has been asking to have a picnic outside for weeks. Since it has been a gorgeous day today, we agreed to eat outside on the patio. So the girls are outside seated at the table and Cory and I go inside to grab a couple of things. We were literally inside for all of 30 seconds to a minute. What did we see when we came back outside?

Clara, naked from the waist down and holding her shorts and big girl panties.

Wanna know why?

Because she had to pee. And she had to pee now. So she dropped her drawers and peed on the side road right in front of our front lawn, in plain view of the neighbors and all the passersby on the street.

She apparently couldn't make it the exact same distance into the house to use the potty.

Cory and I couldn't help but find this funny, as improper and embarrassing as it was. When you gotta go . . .

So after I cleaned up Clara and we all got settled to eat our lunch, Sasha says this:

"I want to kill a bird and eat the meat."

Huh? Again, Cory and I were so startled by this statement coming out of our little girl's innocent mouth that we had to laugh.

Where do kids come up with these things? Gotta love 'em!


  1. That's too funny! How was your picnic? We had one at Becky and Barry's. What a beautiful night!

  2. We were going to invite you, but we didn't have any birds to kill and thought Sasha might be disappointed. Also... only boys pee in our yard.