Friday, October 2, 2009

{A Girl's Gotta Have Shoes}

So when the adorable Stella Rain made her appearance last Wednesday, I knew I wanted to get her something ultra girly and special. I went to a great store and scoured the aisles of infant clothes, but nothing really screamed, "Buy Me! I'm the perfect gift!" Then a friend mentioned getting her a pair of Robeez. If you've never experienced the joy of Robeez before and you have small kids, you must go get a pair. Or two. Or ten.

Robeez are ultra-soft leather shoes for babies and toddlers. They are like little moccassins that allow a child's foot to grip the floor and move naturally. And the best part is how stinkin' adorable they are.

But on Wednesday I didn't have time to order a pair of Robeez. I wanted to give Stella her gift that day. Planning ahead isn't always a talent of mine. And doesn't this babe deserve a great gift ON her birthday? My womb is aching again.

So instead of getting Stella Robeez, I decided to get her an entire shoe wardrobe. A girl can't have too many pairs of shoes, right?

Check em out:

My favorite pair: the white leather boots with pink side laces.

The Ugg knock-offs. Pretty cute, huh?

For the more dressy-casual occassions, I give you white butterfly flats:

And when a fancy dress is a must, Stella now has pink sparkly shoes:

The inner-princess in me could not pass up these ballerina slippers. They are white silk with light pink ribbons and an elastic back strap. I can just see Stella lounging in her bathrobe with her toes nestled in these babies propped up on her Daddy's lap. OK, that probably won't happen. But Megan better put these gems on her baby's feet and at least take a picture!

Metallics are neutrals in the fashion world, so these silver quilted flats should go with a variety of outfits:

And finally, I give you the everyday kicks:

Man, I want another girl.
The same friend who suggested getting Stella Robeez also recommended wrapping each pair in individual boxes and stacking them with ribbon once she heard that I bought a whole shoe wardrobe. Great idea! Here's how it turned out:

I wonder if I'll be buying a shoe wardrobe again in May for Becky's little one(s)?


  1. Annisa!! You went overboard girl!!! How super freakin' cute is that...what a great idea for a gift, I LOVE IT!!! What a lucky little niece!!!

  2. I love how you always multiply Becky's :)
    Sweet kicks yo!