Tuesday, October 13, 2009

{More Birthdays}

Yep, we have more birthdays to celebrate! Can you stand it?

On Sunday Cory celebrated his 32nd birthday. I wish I could say, "Man, he's gettin' old." But I can't since I'm older than he is. Instead I'll say, "Man, he's lookin' good."

We went to his parents' place for dinner and a Penn State cake. Yummy pork, pasta salads, watermelon, and other tasty tidbits filled our bellies quite well. Thanks MeMe for a good meal and a fun evening!

Happy Birthday, Cory! I hope you get everything you wish for! The next day, Monday, was our dear little puppies' 1st birthday. Whether you're a dog lover or not, you can't deny that these two are fiercely adorable.
This is what they looked like the day we adopted them from a rescue in West Virginia. There were six in the litter, and they had been rescued from a basement where they were barely being cared for at all. We intended to adopt just Perdy, but Jasmine's adoptive parents backed out so we got her, too. It's the BEST decision we made. The two of them are completely inseperable!From left to right we have: Jasmine (she was called Ariel, but we already have an Ariel so we changed it), Jasmine (the original), Sebastian, Dodger, Perdita (Perdy), and shoot. I can't remember the last one's name. Our Jasmine and the black Jasmine (confused?) were the only two itty-bitty pups in the litter. The other four were more . . . stocky. Their momma was a chihuahua and the rescue folks believe their daddy was a dachshund/hound mix. Clearly Jazzy favors her momma and Perdy favors her daddy.I got them a custard cake to celebrate last night. It was yummy.

The pups thought so, too.

Happy Birthday Cory, Perdy and Jasmine! Love you all lots!


  1. And we weren't invited to the puppy party and custard cake?!?!?!

  2. No kidding! What the heck?!?! Why weren't we invited???