Friday, March 27, 2009

{Dirty Bingo}

Every month the MOMS Club that I'm a member of has what we call "MNO", or Mom's Night Out. We do all kinds of things on these nights, including scavenger hunts around town, movie nights, cooking nights, and other fun activities. Last night we played Dirty Bingo!

What is Dirty Bingo? In a nutshell, it's regular bingo but with a "dirty" method of claiming prizes for winning. Everyone brings a gift - and anything goes - and leaves with a gift. Here's how it gets dirty. When you win, you can either choose a gift that has yet to be opened OR you can steal a gift from someone else. If you steal, then that person gets to claim something new, and so on. Sometimes it takes a long time to wrap up the stealing and move on to the next game!

These three gals and three others who you can't see in this shot were at my table and kept me rolling with laughter the whole night. My stomach literally hurt from the belly laughs! Very early in the game, Brittny had to make a choice: the obvious wine or the surprise in the Pampers box. Hmmm . . . wine it is! Too bad she didn't hang on to it very long.
What in the world could have Rachel busting a gut like this? Cock Soup! Yep, it was "cock" flavored soup - yum! :) Where do people find these things? Fortunately, it came with a nice ceramic drink dispenser perfect for having a group of friends over for drinks during the summer. Rachel really liked this gift, but of course it was in and out of her hands lightening fast.

One of the funnier gifts was a "love" box. It was filled with all kinds of items to spice up a certain area of your life: a Love Meter, Now & Later Mints, and a variety of other novelties. Based on Laurie's "delicate" condition, I'm thinking she doesn't exactly need this assortment right now. But she was a good sport and added a plastic firefighter "outfit" (and that's the best family-friendly way I can describe it) that she won at a prior MOMS event to the box. Sadly, the box did end up staying with her.
My gal Anna was thrilled to open up this handmade shrug made by our own Sara B. (middle gal in the first pic above). She rocked it, too! But like all the really nice items, lots of others wanted that shrug, too. It was one of the more sought after items of the night.
As the evening wore on, it became more and more obvious that I wasn't going to be shouting "Bingo" anytime soon. I didn't win a single game all night while others won numerous times and got to participate in getting "dirty". I swear that I had a card with numbers that simply weren't in the Bingo ball! It got to the point where there were five of us who hadn't won yet, so we decided that everyone else would sit out until we all won. I was the last to win, and I only won because I played two cards instead of one and I begged, begged, them to keep calling numbers until I had a legitimate Bingo. It was sad.
However, because I hadn't won a thing yet, I had my pick of all the prizes! I knew we were going to play one last round with everyone and that whatever I picked would likely be stolen, so I figured I would choose something really nice, let it get stolen, and then pick something else really nice to keep. Once something is stolen once during a round it can't be stolen again, so I thought this was a good strategy.
I chose a really cute, reversible bag. It's smaller than the bags I normally carry, and with the baby due soon I know I won't be using little bags for some time. But I figured it would be stolen and I'd just pick something else equally awesome.
Well, as it turned out, Anna won the last game. She already had possession of the shrug, so she didn't steal anything. That meant everyone kept what they had! So I came home with this adorable bag!
I'm debating keeping it for the future because I really do like it a lot. But I know of a few people who would also really like it, so it might become a gift. Who knows! Any takers?
Thanks, friends, for getting dirty with me! You all are the best!

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