Friday, March 20, 2009

{The Lumberjack}

Half-dead trees aren't that pretty. They aren't very functional. They aren't very safe in a backyard where children play.

Ever since we bought this house seven years ago, we have had a half-dead tree in our backyard. It's actually the only tree on our property, so go figure that it had to be half-dead. Every summer about half of the branches would produce leaves and nuts and the other half would remain barren and ugly. Eventually the tree would drop its nuts and we'd have to clean them all up so they didn't damage the lawn mower and so we wouldn't turn an ankle if we stepped on one. Birds don't care so much if a tree is healthy or not, and they would perch there and poop on the girls' sandbox and on Cory's truck which is usually parked next to the tree in front of our shed. Overall, this tree has been a bigger pain in the rear than it has been a provider of shade, beauty, and home to animals. The tree simply had to go.

Yesterday evening my in-laws came over and my father-in-law transformed himself from a dairy farmer into a lumberjack. He came complete with a plaid flannel shirt, heavy-duty gloves, and a gas-powered chainsaw - what a man! Everyone gathered in the backyard to watch the half-dead tree make it's final transition to tree heaven. Here's what it looked like seconds before saying goodbye to this world: Ed fired up his chainsaw and began making the first cut, careful to cut the tree so it would fall in the correct direction. Apparantly this is important when cutting down a tree that is really tall and close to homes.
The second cut: making the watermelon wedge.

TIM - BERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man standing next to his kill. Doesn't he look proud of himself? I can hear the inner Tool-Man Tim "argh, argh, argh" wanting to explode from his chest.
Now it's time for clean-up. As Ed sawed off the skinnier branches and cut apart the tree, Cory gathered up the branches and loaded them into his truck. The plan was to put all the burn wood into Cory's truck and all the big pieces that will be good firewood into the in-law's truck. That didn't happen. There was WAY too much little stuff and it took both trucks to load it all up. We'll have to get the firewood over to the in-law's house another time.

Ed left a nice sized stump for us so we can do *something* with it. Will it become a seat? Will it hold a watering can full of flowers? Who knows. Cory always comes up with creative plans for things like this so I'll leave it up to him.

The girls helped gather up little sticks, too, and they thought the watermelon wedge was pretty cool. Watch out for splinters!
It's good to have family members who can help tackle these jobs around the house. Thanks, Ed! And goodbye, tree! Enjoy a leafy life in tree heaven.


  1. Clara is so cute! I don't think I ever really noticed that tree...

  2. Way to go Lumberjack Ed! Woo Hoo!