Friday, March 6, 2009

{House of Sickies}

Ugh. The relative good health we enjoyed in February has left us and we are back to the wrath of illness that afflicted us in January. Blech.

Sasha started to show signs of having a cold on Sunday, and when I picked her up from school on Monday her teacher told me she was coughing really badly. The girl went downhill fast. All week she has been "barking" like a seal uncontrollably. Even the prescription codeine cough syrup I got her in January hasn't helped much. She coughs non-stop, sometimes to the point of - TMI warning - throwing up mucos. I know it's good that she gets it out of her chest, but the poor thing is miserable.

To make matters worse, Wednesday was picture day for her class at school. How do I not take her to picture day? Those class pictures are priceless, especially ten years from now! I told her teacher I would bring her in the morning, have her picture taken, and take her home. Thankfully, her nose and eyes weren't all red. She actually looked really cute, so I'm hoping the pictures turn out nice.

Speaking of red eyes, Clara has come down with a case of pink eye - in both eyes. She wasn't herself Wednesday night, and Thursday morning her right eye was veiny and pink. I kept her home from school, and by the afternoon both eyes were gross. I tried to get a picture but I got too close to her and it's a bit blurry.

I tried to make an appointment for both girls, but the doctor's office is crazy, CRAZY, busy right now. The nurse told me they don't have any openings at all for the next two days! Thank heavens Dr. Colli was willing to call in a prescription for Clara and I was able to pick it up last night. I was told that if Sasha starts to wheeze or has trouble breathing I should take her to a walk-in clinic or the ER. They simply can't see her at the peds office. Great.

So after a night of being woken up SEVEN times by the girls for various reasons, I was hoping last night would be better. Nope. Clara got up once an hour until 3 o'clock. She didn't "want" to sleep. She had to pee and wanted help (not that she needs it, she's just stubborn about it at night). And the best reason: Sasha threw up in bed. Except that she didn't. Cory and I both got up to investigate, and that was the best invisible vomit we ever "didn't" see. Girlfriend just didn't want to go to sleep and she was making sure Mom and Dad didn't sleep, either. Thanks, babe.

You would think that the girls would be tired and sleep in today. I wasn't planning on taking Sasha to school today, so I didn't set my alarm. I was counting on an extra hour of sleep. Wrong again. The little monsters decided to get up earlier than normal and climb in bed with me! UGH! Cory came upstairs and put a pillow under Clara's head since she was lying at the foot of the bed. She fell asleep almost immediately. The booger. Sasha and I headed downstairs, and Clara slept like this until almost 10 o'clock.

In puppyland, things are always exciting. Perdy lost her first tooth on Wednesday! She kept chewing on something, and Sasha opened her mouth and pulled out a molar! (I think we have a future small animal vet on our hands.) Of course, the Tooth Fairy came for her tooth and left her two biscuits. Perdy was nice and shared one with Jasmine.

Today the pups decided to make my life even crazier than normal. I had washed the girls' sheets, and in the time it took me to go upstairs, make their beds, and put away some clothes and books this is what they did.
Lesson learned. Don't ever leave a box of tissues in puppy range. This photo doesn't even show all the mayhem that I discovered when I got downstairs. The couch was covered in tissue shreds as was the floor all around it. Good daughters that they are, Sasha and Clara scooped it all up while I got the vacuum for the itty bitty pieces. I hope the critters had a good time destroying the box, because they spent the next half hour in their crate. And they will never find another box of tissues unattended again.

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