Thursday, March 26, 2009

{Random Stuff}

There's no consistent theme to this post, just lots of random things that have been going on this week. Here goes!

Our backyard makeover continues! On Saturday Cory spent all day constructing a picket fence around what will become our garden. He dug the holes, leveled the ground, and even created a gate all on his own. This was really a trial run to see if he could tackle building the fence for the dogs, and we both agree that he did an awesome job. His muscles are screaming, but the workout was well worth the results.

Now this is something you don't see every day: a steam tractor! While Cory was working on the fence he heard the tractor coming our way down Colorado St. He yelled for me to grab the camera and we stood along the road to watch the old Case tractor slooooowly make it's way past our house and down the street. I have no idea why a steam tractor came through Marion, but it was pretty cool!
Yesterday Sasha's class had another field trip. This time they went to Giant for a tour and lesson in nutrition. I wasn't sure what to expect, but let me tell you, those folks know how to give a tour! All the kids got hats to wear and they marched from section to section doing things like clapping, waving their arms like trees, and swimming. At each section they learned about different foods and healthy habits. They started in the toothbrush aisle because the first thing you should do in the morning is brush your teeth. They pretended to brush while singing the ABC song since that's how long you should brush. A few patrons stopped to watch - it was cute!

We made our way through cereals, fruits and veggies, seafood, poultry, dairy, and ended at the bakery for a cookie. The kids ate something at each stop, so they were full! At the fruit section Sasha actually answered a question that no one else was able to answer: Which fruit is grown in all 50 states? Strawberries!
Last night Sasha had dance class so Clara and I headed to Marshalls to look for dresses. I found a couple dresses for them, but I also found these adorable dance outfits. Check out the bling on the tutus! Well, it's kind of hard to see it in this pic, but the tutus are covered in crystals that sparkle like crazy. I'm afraid I may have to take Sasha's back, though, because it's a bit snug and the tutu stands straight up instead of going out. I'll have to find her a replacement or she'll be a sad girl.
This morning Sasha had a milestone moment: she registered for Kindergarten! While I did paperwork with her principal, Sasha took a "test" with one of the reading teachers in the district. Of course, she passed with flying colors! She met with a nurse and was told she didn't need any shots, which I already knew (whew!), and she also met with a librarian and got her own library card. But the highlight of the morning? She got to go on a SCHOOL BUS!!! This girl has been wanting to ride a bus for soooo long, and she was thrilled to actually sit inside of one. My little girl is growing up!
More to come later! Try to enjoy the rain if you're getting any - we seriously need it and more.


  1. Wow! I'm impressed with Cory's fence! I can't wait to eat all the goodies you grow! ; ) I can't believe Sasha is in kindergarten already!

  2. You go Cory! I didn't k now Giant did field trips - how fun is that! The girls look awesome in their tutus! School bus! Won't Sasha be walking to school?!?!? Give everyone hugs and kisses from Nana!