Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It was an unusual and unexpected assignment for Joy Of Love: Snag a photo from your loved one's Facebook page. Cory doesn't post lots of photos on FB, but I knew right away which one I would pick for this assignment.

This is his profile picture. It was taken towards the end of our Disney World vacation in May of 2008 and we both thought it was one of the best pictures (out of the thousand we took) from the week. We were relaxed, happy, and a whole lot goofy by this point. When the photo was taken we were sitting in the stands waiting for the Fantasmic show to begin. We obviously had some fun during the wait!

I often think about that trip to Disney World and to this day - almost three years later - I am convinced that it was the best week of my life. Cory and I had so much fun watching the girls (who were then just four and two years old) get caught up in the magic of princesses, fairies, pirates, and all things Disney. I think we got a bit caught up in the magic, too. We absolutely loved this trip!

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