Sunday, February 20, 2011

{When They're Home}

I feel like today's Joy Of Love assignment is very similar to the "Staying In" assignment, but that's okay. There are plenty of things to document about what my loved ones do when they are home.

Sasha absolutely LOVES to draw. Both she and Clara love anything art related, but Sasha has a natural gift for drawing. In fact, when she is home she spends the majority of her time drawing pictures - and she is amazing.

Today she drew this cute picture of herself giving Clara a present. While the drawing itself is sweet, it's the writing that goes with it that really pulled at my heartstrings. Here is what it says:

"I love my sister. She is nise to me. Sometimes we fite but I still love her. When she was in my momys belly I kist it for a pitcher. We like to play together in the dallhouls."

Sigh. Melt my heart. How I love that these girls love each other.


  1. Very cute! I wish I had sisters that wrote stuff like that about me.... *sigh*