Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So I'm going to have to do some major "catching up" with this Joy Of Love class. I'm a few days behind . . . not that I'm surprised! Sometimes the assignment calls for a photo that I just can't take that day. That was the case with this one: Generations. We were to capture generations of our family in some way. Well, I forgot to take my camera with me when I saw my mother on the day of this assignment, so I had to wait until another grandparent moment appeared. I got lucky on Sunday when Cory's parents stopped in to see us for a bit.

Dixon absolutely LOVES his pap. He runs right to him whenever he sees him and gets overly rambunctious and excited. My fellow moms know what I'm talking about: Kid sees someone they like and they suddenly have more energy than they know what to do with and feel the need to show off as much as possible. Such is the case when Dixon sees Pap.

As Me-Me and Pap were getting ready to leave, Dixon literally flung himself down on the floor and began to whimper. He then got up and tried to escape out the door with them. So being the nice grandparents that they are, they came back inside and hung out for a few more minutes. Dixon would have been happy if they decided to stay forever.

Photo info: Taken in horrible lighting - overhead canned lights. Ick. Lots of shadows, especially on Dixon's head. I converted the photo to black and white to deemphasize the bad lighting and the "stuff" around Dixon and Pap.

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  1. You truly captured the connection between these two...what a blessing, tears in my eyes.