Tuesday, February 1, 2011

{What They Do}

One of my dear friends told me about a fun online class being offered by Willette, a great photographer and blogger. The class runs throughout the month of February and is entitled, "The Joy Of Love". We are given an assignment each day along with some tips and examples, and our mission is to document different aspects of the ones we love throughout the month. Fun, right? So today was the first day and the assignment was to photograph "what they do". I didn't want to stage anything just for a photo, so I kept my camera handy throughout the day so I could catch those everyday moments with the kids. I took photos of the girls playing with Moon Sand. But I wasn't happy with the composition. Then I took photos of Sasha reading. But I wasn't happy with the light. I thought I'd just have to use a photo that was only so-so, until bedtime rolled around. Every night while we read stories and get ready for bed, Dixon climbs into Clara's bed and tucks himself in. He would sleep there all night if we let him! So here is my submission for our first "Joy of Love" assignement: What They Do:

And as I'm typing this, the little man is crying up a storm in his crib. He has become quite a night owl and wants to stay up with Cory and I until 10:00 or later. Usually we don't give in, but every now and then it's easier than listening to him scream and cry. I think I'll go get him now. Sigh.
Look for a daily photo and blog post from me this month as I attempt to keep up with all the Willette assignments! :)
Night, night!


  1. cute Annisa! Love the color, so vibrant. I think Dixon and Oliver are mentally sending each other messages because he has the nightowl fever too!

  2. He's so cute! His hair really looks red in this pic!

  3. Funny, I was going to say vibrant too...amazing colors! Here's to a long nap.