Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This photography challenge was to think about the daily routines in our loved ones' lives and capture one of them. Since I have school-aged kiddos, this was not a difficult challenge. We have all kinds of routines, from morning till night. So I just had to decide which one to photograph.

I'm not entirely sure why I chose the morning teeth brushing for this assignment. It may have been because this is something we obviously do every single day. It may have been because it is a totally mundane activity and one that is typically not given much thought. But I think it had more to do with the fact that it was an easy moment to capture. We are always, always in a hurry to get ready for school in the morning and the girls know that as soon as they are done eating breakfast they are supposed to go brush their teeth. So this photo required no work from me; I just had to follow them upstairs and snap away.

But if I want to get more introspective about this routine, I can see how capturing little moments like this one add to our childhood memories. Some of my favorite photos from my own childhood are just like this: my big sister and I sharing a toilet seat to go potty, me snuggling on my bed with my cat, and other everyday moments. I hope Sasha and Clara will look back at today's photo and remember something about our daily lives during this time.

And hopefully it won't be me yelling, "Hurry UP!!! We've got to go NOW!!!!"

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