Wednesday, February 2, 2011

{How They Look}

Today's Joy Of Love assignment is to capture how our loved one(s) look. The trick is to transfer that person's personality - the good, the bad, or the ugly! - into the photo. We are also to pay attention to how we compose the shot. In other words, make sure the camera is at the right height and angle to get the most flattering photo possible. This is one of the areas I think I've paid the most attention to lately. For many years I just snapped photos any which way. I have pictures of Sasha and Clara as babies lying on the floor and I stood next to them to take their pictures. Bad, bad, bad. I should have been lying on the floor at their level. Lesson learned. The position of the photographer is every bit as important as the position of the subject.

So here is today's Joy Of Love submission: How They Look. I chose to photograph my dear middle child, Clara. She is always smiling and happy. It is quite rare for her to get upset about anything. That's one of the things I love about her - she has such a sweet, uplifting nature. Plus, this girl loves pigtails. She asks for pigtails on a regular basis and looks so darn cute with her hair this way. In my opinion, pigtails make for the ultimate "little girl" look, so I will happily oblige and give Clara piggies anytime she wants them.

My Joy Of Love: Clara Grace


  1. I like the background stripes...and of course those sparkling baby blues.

  2. I have only been back to Wild Worshipers a few weeks but I have loved having Clara in there! Her smile lights up any space and her sweet, friendly personality is such an asset to that crew! She is a blessing!