Saturday, February 19, 2011

{Staying In}

The assignment: What do you and your loved one do when you stay in?

It was actually tough to come up with an image for this one. As a family we don't have one activity that we do on a regular basis together. Sometimes we play games, sometimes Cory and I do little math or reading lessons with the girls, sometimes we play on the computers, and sometimes we watch tv. It really just depends on our mood. But there is one activity that we seem to do in cycles: we play Wii.

I believe we were one of the last American families to get a Wii. My mother actually asked us if we wanted one about four or five years ago for Christmas but we declined. Cory and I simply didn't want to be a video game family. But two Christmases ago Cory's parents decided to get Cory's sister's family and our family each a Wii as a family gift. I suppose we were ready to venture into the world of gaming because we agreed.

We don't play the Wii consistently. In fact, months can go by without any of us touching it at all. And then we'll go through spurts of playing it almost every day. Right now we are in one of those spurts. Clara is the best "Big Balls" player you'll ever meet. (That's what we call the obstacle course that has big swinging balls you have to run past.) Sasha loves to swordfight. And Cory and I have recently taken up Wii golf. Not to brag, but I went from a +20 on the 18 hole course to a +2 in about two weeks! It is quite addictive.

Since today is cold and windy - Old Man Winter is certainly back with a vengeance - the girls explored the Wii Fit game and did some yoga. Believe it or not, Sasha actually worked up a sweat doing those stretches and poses.

I suppose it's rather nice being a modern, video game owning family.

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