Thursday, February 3, 2011

{Then and Now}

My sweet Sasha Rose. My first-born baby girl. There is something about her that is so unique, something I can't even put into words. Perhaps this is a part of the oldest child mystique - we love them in a special way that can't quite be described. Sasha has definitely charmed us from day one and we couldn't possibly love her more!

For today's Joy Of Love assignement we are to photograph a change in someone. I'm sure I took the obvious path and chose to show how my first-born child has changed over the years.

This is my girl in January of 2006. She was two years and three months old and cute as could be. I vividly remember styling her hair in those "spouts" or "boingers". And look at that little button nose! Be still my heart. And here is my baby today, all seven years and four months old. Her hair has grown thicker and is often in ponytails or braids. Her little nose is now splattered with freckles. And her tiny baby teeth have been replaced by her permanent adult teeth. My baby girl is growing up.

A part of today's assignment is to get a tight, close shot of our subject. This can be done by taking the photo very cropped or by cropping the photo during post-processing. I chose to take the photo in a tight crop. I love how the focus is on my pretty darling and there is nothing distracting in the background.
Then . . . and Now. As much as I miss the higher-pitched baby voice, the tiny giggles, and the boingy hair, I'm so proud to watch how my daughter is growing up to be a lovely little lady.

I simply adore my Sasha Rose.

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  1. OH MY! You take Sasha's hair off and she would be Dixon!!! So cute!