Sunday, February 6, 2011

{Who THEY Love}

As soon as I read the topic of today's Joy Of Love photography assignment I knew what I would do. Our task was to photograph someone or something that our loved one(s) love. Well, my girls are always taking about how much they love God. They think He is the greatest artist in the whole world, especially when they see a particularly gorgeous sunset. At the tender ages of 7 and 5, they know many of the stories of the Bible. In fact, when we read stories before bed they often want to read from one of their many childrens Bibles. They love the stories and learning more about who God is. One of the sweetest sounds I've ever heard is when one of them begins to pray all on her own - their little conversations with God are so pure and honest and they aren't at all embarrassed to speak to Him about what is on their hearts and minds.

Even though they don't know or understand much of God's word - who does, really? - they know that God loves them and is offering them eternal life in heaven. They know He is our Father and all good things come through Him. And as they get older they will discover just how deep God's love is, and they will love Him even more. What a beautiful thing.